About me

I was born in the US to a loving family, and as long as I can remember, I have been excited and interested in marketing and how we think and feel about it. In today’s online marketplace, it can be hard to find an online identity and utilize your talents to not only make money, but to also be unique; fortunately I have accomplished both of these feats.

Currently I own and operate a blog on which I compare internet and hosting providers, doing my best to provide an unbiased and accurate accounting of many of the leading providers online. Moreover, I also list and lay out the smaller companies, the ones with integrity and solid products, not just the main stream ones you may have already heard about.

My goal is to help people find great internet providers, as well as provide them with tips and tricks to save money on the internet, increase their speed and ease, and most importantly, to assure everyone online that they receive a safe and secure connection to their email. In the past years my website has already grown by leaps and bounds, and my blog on internet security providers and speed is becoming second to none.

Jennifer Good