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4 Companies That Have Fast Internet

4 Companies That Have Fast Internet
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Did you know that the average broadband speed for residential consumers across the UK is 18.7 Mbps. To most internet users, this is considered to be too slow. How about switching to a speed of up to 152 mbps. You can and you can save yourself all the hassle, quite a bit of money, and much valuable time.

Here are 4 companies that offer fast internet:

  1. Sky Internet- You can switch to Sky Internet and get the best fast cable technology DOCIS 3. This means it will deliver you fast speeds of up to 152 MBPS and it is also increasing the top-level service to 200 mbps. Virgin Media has invested to reduce congestion and make its internet service look attractive.


  1. Plusnet- You can switch to Plusnet- You will be offered the fastest Fiber Optic Broadband. It is super fast and the estimated download speed is 76 MB. his award winning service is offered and UK supported. You will get unlimited downloads, safeguard parental control, with dual band Wi-Fi for high speed connection and router, and 365 days a year support.


  1. Talktalk- TalkTalk is a UK nationwide provider of fastest ISP service. You will get super fast broadband and TV service. This provider offers the highest broadband speed in the UK. You won’t have to linger around waiting any longer. Do more, get more, and pay less all in one place.


  1. Take the broadband UK test- This is the Broadband Speed Test that will start measuring your Broadband downloading speed and then your upload speed. You will know your Ping time and more. Some providers offer this test free with a package deal. This is a simple to use speed checker. Get your speed test results here http://speedtest.net.uk/.


  1. Switch to the highest broadband speed in the UK- this is essential for business website owners and you will certainly be making a great investment for the future of your business.


Below you find an image displaying “UK Broadband Speed Satisfaction By Region”. Other news can be found on our home page.

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