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If You Read One Article About Bandwidth Limitations Read This One

If You Read One Article About Bandwidth Limitations Read This One
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Some service providers have restrictions on the amount of bandwidth you can use each month. Some US and UK internet providers offer packages with a 10GB, 15G to up to 100GB download limit. As soon as you have reached your download limit your internet connection slows. In the worst case those companies  charges you an extra fee for using more data. If you have a internet package with a download limit you are advised to track and monitor your Bandwidth Usage. This is key if you have a small download limit and if you are worried of using more then allowed. The Broadband Bandwidth Limitations set by these internet providers gives them the opportunity to earn more money from their customers such as yourself. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your download usage within proportions.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming
Besides Vimeo there are tons of streaming websites around. Think of Youtube, Metacafe and Hulu. If you have a download limit such sites can suck up most of your bandwidth. To stream more video’s, series or whatsoever you can turn down the quality settings of the video streaming. This will lower the amount of bandwidth being used. Below you find a video from Youtube explaining how to save bandwidth using a bandwidth limiter.


  • When you visit a site with Flash content, click to download and load the content.
  • Prevent your browser from downloading any images.
  • Use a download manager to schedule downloads.
  • Web browsers offer a few great options to help you, like enabling click-to-play plugins that will help you save lots of bandwidth.


What is the fair use policy

The fair use policy limits the transfer of certain amount of data over a period of time. This is implementing of a bandwidth cap.


Limit application bandwidth

This is a limit placed on your application to limit and control your application downloads. After you reach your limit you can be charged an extra fee.


How much GB do i need for internet?

By referring to a broadband usage guide, it will help you determine how much GB you will need. By choosing the right plan of broadband you can save and time and prevent running out of data. 50 GB plans do not offer streaming TV or movie downloads. If you want it all, then your best choice would be to pick an unlimited plan that will provide you with email, web browsing, Facebook, Skype, Online gaming, YouTube, streaming TV and movie downloading.


How much is 15 GB of data?

It is just enough for email and network sites, but if you need downloads or games, then you will need a bit more.

To bypass a download limit, you should choose an unlimited plan which could save you hassle, time and money combined. You can read more news here.

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